Our Product Team shares all the details about Canary Plans

Canary Plans will become available starting the week of August 17th, allowing users to take advantage of more storage and information about their homes than ever before.

A free Starter Plan for all users

One of the fundamental differences between Canary and other home security systems is that Canary was designed to provide true home security without long-term contracts or required ongoing monthly costs to the customer. That’s why every Canary comes with a free Starter Plan. With the Starter Plan, users get access to stored video from the past 12 hours—long enough to cover most working or travelling days—as well as five bookmarks to permanently save important videos, and three video downloads for emergency situations.

While these basic and fundamental security features are free to all users, Canary was also designed to provide options for increased security and peace of mind through additional services—our Premium Plans. These Plans were always envisioned as part of the Canary ecosystem and we’re excited to announce that they will be available in August.

Why Premium?

Our Premium Plans are designed to give you even more access, more meaningful information, and better control of the security in your home. Premium Plans include:

An Extended Timeline

Your Timeline keeps a record of everything that happens in your home, including HD video recordings as well as timestamps when family members arrive or leave, arming information, and more. Think of your timeline as a living history of your home. When did the kids get home yesterday? Did Dad take his medicine this morning? A longer timeline means more peace of mind.

More Bookmarks

When you bookmark a video in your timeline, it’s like saving it to your camera roll but without taking up extra space on your phone. You can access your bookmarked videos in the Canary app forever—or at least until you choose to delete them. It’s the best way to save and access important clips from anywhere.

Unlimited Downloads

Some videos are so important that you’ll want to download a copy. Whether it’s a video of your baby’s first steps, a snooping landlord, or evidence for a serious incident, our Premium Plans give you access to unlimited downloads.

The most customer friendly plans. Ever.

We structured our Premium Plans in a way that makes them accessible for any budget. Starting at only $4.99 a month, they’re the lowest-cost security plans on the market. That kind of monthly pricing for a security system has never existed before.


Ongoing innovation

We are committed to making true security accessible to everyone and the introduction of Premium Plans will help sustain us on this mission. A business model with healthy revenue streams fuels innovation, and lets us continue to iterate upon and improve Canary’s functionality and performance. It allows us to develop new and exciting features to the product through software and over-the-air device updates.

The Canary that shipped to our first Indiegogo backers is significantly different from the product and experience that those same users have now. Likewise, in six months time, Canary will be significantly better and different than the product in your home today; the nature of connected hardware means that Canary will continue to evolve over time as our company continues to innovate.

A traditional security system is restricted to the features that it had when it was installed. Canary is an ever-evolving security system that will adapt to and for our users over time. By signing up for a Premium Plan, you will help us fuel these improvements and innovation.

A special offer for our community

Premium Plans will become available in mid-August. As a special promotion to early supporters and users, we’ll be offering 50% off our annual plans for anyone who purchases a plan during the first week!

Thank you all for your ongoing support. More details and frequently asked questions are below!

Frequently Asked Questions

“When can I purchase a plan?”

We’re excited to debut our plans in mid-August.

“Which plan is right for me?”

We realize one size doesn’t fit all, and while 12 hours gives time to review and respond to the most urgent notifications, it may not be enough for everyone. If you have pets or kids, roommates, a busy lifestyle or travel schedule, or if you just love downloading and sharing your Canary videos, our Premium Plans offer a great opportunity for personalizing your Canary experience.

“I’d like to try a plan before I subscribe, is there a free trial period?”

Once plans are available, all new users will enjoy a week-long trial of our 7-Day plan. All existing Canary users can continue enjoying an extended trial of our 7-Day plan until our Premium Plans launch.

“If I have multiple Canary devices, do I need to purchase a plan for each one?”

A plan covers a location, and each location can have up to four Canary devices. Any other members you’ve invited to this location share the benefit of your plan.

“Will plans be available outside of the U.S.?”

All users will be able to purchase Canary Plans when they are released.

“Will these plans come with call center monitoring?”

We’re still fine-tuning the details of call center monitoring, and we’ll roll it out when we know it will be the best possible experience for our users.

“Will I be automatically enrolled in a plan at the end of my free trial?”

No. You have total control over your account, so you’ll be able to select your own plan.

For more FAQs, visit our Help Center.