Canary Backer and Pre-Order Update—Dec 19

Canary Backer and Pre-Order Update—Dec 19

Hi friends and supporters,

We’ve been working day and night to get Canary ready for your homes and we’re extremely proud of what we’ve built—both where our product is today, as well as the groundwork we’ve laid to continually improve it moving forward.

You’ve been with us since the beginning. And your feedback over the past year has helped us shape Canary into what it is today—influencing which features we built first as well as what we’re planning next. We know that Canary will continue to get even better with your help, and we want to invite all of you into that process.

I’m happy to say that we’re now ready to begin shipping devices to all of our backers starting the first week of January.

Our Shipping Plan

We plan to ship to all of our US Indiegogo backers in January, as well as all US pre-orders placed before December 2014. We’ll begin the first 10 days of January by shipping to domestic backers who ordered on day 1 of our Indiegogo campaign—which is nearly 1,500 people—and then continue from there. We’ll begin shipping to international backers in the first week of February.

Starting with iOS, then Android

We have been beta testing both our iOS and Android apps for months now, and while our iOS app is now in the App Store, our Android app still needs some final adjustments before we release it broadly. That means that if you are an iOS user, you can set up Canary and begin using it as soon as you receive your product. Simply download our app from the App Store when your Canary arrives and you’re good to go.

Some Android users, however, might receive their shipment before our Android app hits the Google Play store. But don’t worry, the lag time shouldn’t be long—we aim to have our Android app up and running in January, and we’ll continue to send updates on its timing.

To all of our supporters and friends out there using Android: thank you for your patience, we’re not far behind.

If you don’t use iOS or Android

We’ve received some questions recently about Windows Phone and other operating systems, and wanted to clarify that we only support iPhone and Android at this time. Canary requires iPhone 4s or newer (running iOS 7 or iOS 8) or Android 4.0 or newer. We are working on a mobile friendly web app that will be released in 2015 which will supplement our native apps, but either iOS or Android is required to set up the device.

Canary will learn over time—with your help

One of the defining characteristics of Canary will be it’s ability to learn over time to provide more accurate notifications and insights about your home. We have some of the best computer vision and machine learning engineers in the world working on Canary and we’re developing complex algorithms that will analyze and cluster data to recognize patterns, reduce false alerts, and provide meaningful insights. Shipping to all of you will provide our system with a larger dataset to enable more of these learning features.

Thank you and happy holidays

Again, we just want to thank all of you for being a part of Canary. We’ve reached this point with your help and we couldn’t be more excited about where we will go together from here.

Happy holidays,
– Adam, Chris, Jon